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Hidden_Slayer / Oct 27, 2014

The sequel all Souls fans have been waiting for, Bloodborne! From Software is developing their new game that all RPG players should be aware of. Recently, From Software released Dark Souls II, a captivating, dark and dreary RPG that received stunning results on various platforms. They intend to do it again, with the new PlayStation 4 Exclusive. Bloodborne features modern weaponry, along with old-fashioned fighting styles. Combat differs from that of it's predecessor - players are to keep a fast paced movement set, and an offensive approach is far more efficient. The game's arsenal is also, far more advanced. Screenshots were leaked over the internet far before the game's official release. But during the E3 2014 (Gaming) Convention videos of the game being played surfaced. Since then, recorded gameplay has shown up multiple times. The game is still in its Alpha stage and we are awaiting any further news...



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