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Code of Conduct
As every other site, ours has rules and regulations we expect each user to follow. Not abiding by the guidelines will result in consequences (ex. banning, etc.).

All the subjects on our website also have sub rules that users are to be aware of before making a post. It's important that every user reads these (in each of the forums).

The code of conducts is as follows.....(Bannable offenses!)

-Posts that are hateful or mean towards; race, sex, or religion.

-Posts that contain lewd, offensive content or links to them.

-Claiming to have a type of authority on our forums (when you don't).

-Threats of violence. (Discussions of suicide or self-harm are also not permitted.)

-Spamming - Classified as advertisements or referrals to other services.

-Spamming(2) - Classified as non-noncontributing posts in any thread.

-Spamming(3) - Classified as repetitive posts or intentional re-posting.

-Trolling (i.e posting off-topic messages or enraging other users/baiting them to reply).

-Flaming or extremely aggressive behavior of (or in) any form.

-Requesting personal information from another user (through use of forum posts).

-Disrespecting any type of administrative volunteer.

-Discussions of illegal activities.

-Excessive swearing and profanity.

-Abusing the rules (using loop-holes to get around).

These rules are subject to change without notice. Furthermore, users exhibiting behavior seen to be unfit by community members or the admin, may be removed from the site (this applies to posts as well), as these rules may not cover ALL the social violations possible.
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